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Whispering Skulls: Handcrafted Gothic Ring

Whispering Skulls: Handcrafted Gothic Ring

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Step into the mesmerizing world of 'Demetrious McGowan' and 'iGothica': Handmade Gothic Rings. Meticulously crafted sterling silver captures dark beauty. Embrace the allure of these unique treasures. Unleash your gothic spirit with our Gothic Ring Collection!

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Enter the mesmerizing realm of the collaborative craftsmanship by 'Demetrious McGowan' and 'iGothica': the Handmade Gothic Ring Collection. Immerse yourself in the allure of these meticulously crafted sterling silver rings, capturing the essence of dark beauty. Each ring is a treasure, intricately designed to embody the spirit of the gothic aesthetic. Discover the enchanting world of these unique creations and adorn yourself with the timeless elegance of the Gothic Ring Collection.
Material: S925 Sterling Silver Please note: Each ring is made by hand especially for you so may differ slightly and take some time to arrive but the quality and workmanship are always the best. Your ring will come in a beautiful case, ideal for gifts or just storing your jewelry safely. It will be posted in an extremely secure package to make sure its safe arrival at your door.

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